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Fences Installation

Features of the Fences Installation

Features of the Fences Installation

Fences installation is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance, in order for a new fence to serve for a long time, a professional approach is needed to install the fence. Although today you can buy almost any fence and install it yourself, this approach does not always justify itself. If this is a fence made of welded mesh, which can simply be unwound and fixed on any poles, even wooden ones, this is one thing. The same applies to the fence made of wooden planks. But a completely different matter is the installation of a concrete fence or a metal fence made of welded panels. To get a reliable and durable fence, its installation must be thought out to the smallest detail - from the type and design of the foundation to the design of gates and gates.

Professional Fence Installation

Any type of activity is best performed by professionals, and the installation of fences is no exception. The process of installing a fence begins with the design of its structure and ends with the cleaning of the territory, and at each stage it is important that the workers clearly understand what they are doing. In addition, the availability of the necessary tools and equipment for the installation of fences, and possibly even the availability of lifting and construction equipment, plays an important role in the installation of fences. In this case, the fence will be installed in a short time, you will not have to worry about its quality and durability, and there will be no questions, for example, how to protect the finished fence from undermining, if this was not provided for at the design stage.

Undermining Fence Protection

A professionally installed fence is already good, but if the territory needs to be not only protected from outsiders, but also protected from penetration, the fence can be additionally equipped with means that enhance its protective properties. Moreover, some work on equipping the fence can be performed at any time after its installation, but the issue of protection against undermining should be resolved at the design stage of the fence structure. The classic protection against undermining is either a solid strip foundation or additional fence panels recessed into the ground to a certain depth, sufficient to make it too difficult to undermine. For the same purpose, a razor mesh can also be used, which can be used to protect the surface of the fence itself.

Barbed Wire Installing on a Fence

Measures that can be taken to reinforce the fence, either during or after installation, include installing barbed wire over the fence. Usually, ordinary barbed wire or modern Egoza razor wire in several strands, Egoza flat fence, single coil razor wire or Concertina wire barrier can be installed on the fence. In addition, a fence of any design can be significantly strengthened by installing a razor mesh made of Egoza razor wire on its surface.