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Concertina Wire Barrier

Concertina Wire

Making the Concertina Wire Barrier

In order for Egoza razor wire to be used as efficiently as possible, Concertina wire barriers are made from it. The concertina wire barrier is widely used as a reliable and effective means for fencing objects in need of reliable protection and protection. The Concertina wire fence made of Egoza razor wire is made according to a fairly simple technology proposed back in the First World War - this is how Bruno's spiral was made from barbed wire. To do this, the Egoza razor wire is wound on a special cylinder coil by coil, the coils are fastened in pairs with galvanized wire or tape staples. After that, the Concertina wire barrier is removed from the cylinder and stored and transported in the form of a compact coil.

Concertina Wire Barrier Installation

When the barbed wire is installed, the coil of the Concertina wire barrier is stretched, forming a barrier of cylindrical razor wire with rhombic cells. Such a concertina wire barrier made of modern Egoza barbed wire has high spring properties and high strength; when exposed to it, the coils do not crumple, but spring back, restoring their original shape.

Protective Properties of the Concertina Wire

The Concertina wire barrier is a reliable obstacle that is very difficult to destroy and almost impossible to overcome. It is very difficult to cut through the modern Egoza barbed wire even with a special tool, not to mention ordinary wire cutters, in addition, to destroy the concertina fence, it is necessary to cut the barbed wire not in one, but in several places at once, which greatly complicates this task. Attempts to overcome the Concertina wire barrier made of Egoza cutting wire with the help of thrown flooring are also ineffective. In this case, the turns of Concertina wire simply wrap around the failed intruder, securely fixing him with sharp spikes, and without outside help he can no longer get out. The concertina wire barrier is of high quality and has a long service life - about a quarter of a century.