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Egoza Wire

Egoza razor wire

Egoza is the name of modern barbed wire, reinforced barbed tape or razor wire. Just like ordinary barbed wire, Egoza razor wire is used to create various types of barriers designed to protect the territory of various objects - from private property to state property, from an industrial enterprise to a strategic military facility. Egoza, or razor wire Egoza is a modern, highly efficient substitute for ordinary barbed wire. Egoza wire makes it possible to provide a level of security for fenced objects that was unattainable before its appearance.

Egoza razor wire is most often called, is a stamped razor tape with sharp razor spikes, which is twisted or pressed around a base - steel wire. The twisted Egoza razor wire is called reinforced twisted barbed tape, and the crimped wire is called Egoza reinforced barbed tape Crimped razor wire is significantly superior to twisted Egoza in all respects - from service life to the effectiveness of protecting the territory of a fenced object.

The Egoza name has also been attached to various types of spiral barriers - the Egoza spiral security barrier, also called the Bruno spiral, or the Concertina wire barrier, the Egoza flat barrier, the mobile barrier and security barriers of other types. Egoza wire and Egoza security barriers, which have the highest protective properties and a long service life - about a quarter of a century, rightfully occupy one of the first places among the means of fencing and protecting objects for various purposes.

Egoza - a fussy, too mobile person, a fidget (usually about children). This is how the explanatory dictionary of Ozhegov interprets the word Egoza. Perhaps the one who first called the cutting wire the word Egoza, the sensations of a person who got into such a fence, was associated with the interpretation of the word Egoza. Indeed, having become entangled in the coils of the Concertina barrier, you will inevitably become restless and fussy, however, there can be no question of any increased mobility - Egoza reliably holds its victim.