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Treatment in the Sanatoriums of Morshyn

Treatment in Morshyn

Treatment in Morshyn

Morshyn's sanatoriums have a fairly high level of health services they provide. Clean mountain air, surrounded by pine forests and the absence of large industrial centers nearby have raised the level of recreation and health improvement of Morshyn to a fairly high level in Ukraine. In the town-planning decision of Morshyn, the sanatoriums are located in a single block. The block of sanatoriums in Morshin is located both in the very center of the city and at the same time in a cozy area of the forest park. For a tourist arriving in Morshyn, there is an opportunity to purchase a ticket directly at the sanatorium. Also, tourists have the opportunity to choose a room based on their financial capabilities - an economy class room, standard or suite. The high qualification of the employees of the Morshyn sanatoriums, which provide treatment and diagnostics, is also important.

The wide profile of sanatoriums also cannot be ignored. The main focus of treatment in Morshyn is the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. In sanatoriums, victims of the Chernobyl disaster, as well as pregnant women and parents with children undergo rehabilitation. The main groups of premises, which include all sanatoriums, are massage rooms, swimming pools, beauty parlors and, of course, treatment rooms. Not a single sanatorium in Morshyn is complete without a treatment program using mineral Morshyn water. Different sources of Morshinsky water correspond to the treatment of certain types of diseases due to the different chemical composition of mineral water. Morshyn resort has a fairly large number of sanatoriums. However, the most popular sanatoriums in Morshyn are Lavender, Cheremosh, Dniester and Pearl of the Carpathians.

Sanatoriums of Morshyn

Sanatorium "Lavender"

Sanatorium "Lavanda" is a building of 7 floors, next to which there are cozy gazebos and a well-designed park. Directions of treatment in this sanatorium are problems of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, diabetes mellitus. All medical staff are highly qualified, capable of competently approaching treatment and diagnosis.

Sanatorium "Cheremosh"

"Cheremosh" is a unique sanatorium, harmoniously integrated into the conditions of the forest park zone. Seven separate buildings are placed close to each other and form an interesting interior space. The main direction of the sanatorium "Cheremosh" is the improvement of the whole family, as well as mother and child.

Sanatorium "Dniester"

Sanatorium "Dniester" is considered one of the best resorts in Morshyn. He obviously deserved such fame because of his narrow specialization. Sanatorium "Dnestr" in Morshyn specializes exclusively in liver diseases. The sanatorium itself has several buildings, which are located in a forested area. The placement of the sanatorium itself in the urban environment is conceived in such a way that there are healing springs and springs with therapeutic mud nearby.

Sanatorium "Pearl of the Carpathians"

The sanatorium "Pearl of the Carpathians" is fully consistent with its name, because. this is the most comfortable sanatorium in Morshyn. Not only residents of Ukraine speak positively about him, but also residents of foreign countries. This is primarily due to the large number of amenities - a gym, a parking lot, a library and even a hairdresser. Visitors are presented with a variety of rooms in terms of capacity and level of comfort. Moreover, visitors who are on treatment can take it with their children, for whom separate wellness programs and diets are also prescribed. The main focus of the sanatorium is urological diseases and problems associated with metabolism.

Rest and Treatment in the Sanatoriums of Morshyn

The health-improving industry of Morshyn is characterized by a high level of professionalism of the staff and their high qualifications, a well-organized internal and external space of sanatoriums, and an ecologically clean area. The time spent in the sanatoriums of Morshyn contributes not only to physical recovery, but also to the restoration of psychological balance. Although many prefer to undergo treatment and rest on the Sea of Azov or the Black Sea, rest and treatment in Morshyn is an excellent option.