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Pancake recipes

To cook thin ruddy and juicy pancakes, it is recommended to use a small frying pan. The pan should be cast iron or other metal, but always with a thick bottom. The pan must first be well warmed up, greased with oil, and then bake pancakes. If the pan is new, it must be put on fire with fat and heated for 10-15 minutes. After the fat is drained, and the pan is immediately wiped with salt.

The old proverb says - "the first pancake is lumpy", and this is true. The first pancake most often turns out lumpy, pale, thick and unappetizing. When baking the first pancake, you can determine how much dough needs to be poured into the pan to make the pancake even and thin. If you cook in an oven, then pancakes are baked simultaneously from the top and bottom. Good pancakes can be baked on a stove, kerosene stove or primus stove. The most important thing is that you need to watch so that the pancake does not burn, for this it must be turned over in time.

To make pancakes, you can use wheat or buckwheat flour. You can also bake pancakes with various seasonings - finely chopped green onions, herring, salmon, chopped eggs, smelt, etc. Pancakes are baked with seasonings as follows: heat the pan, grease with oil, sprinkle with green onions or chopped eggs, put salmon pieces, pour in the dough and then bake like ordinary pancakes

When serving pancakes, you can serve warmed butter or vegetable oil, sour cream, herring, chum salmon, salmon and caviar. Pancakes should be served hot, stacked in a heated bowl or on a dish, covered with a napkin, or can be kept in a warm oven.