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Mukachevo city

History of Mukachevo

The city of Mukachevo is located in the central part of Transcarpathia, on the river Latoritsa. Mukachevo is the second largest Transcarpathian city, its history goes back more than eleven centuries - the first written mention of it was in the eighth century. In various historical eras, the city of Mukachevo was part of various countries and states, which could not but affect its traditions, national customs, and architecture. Mukachevo lay at the crossroads of trade routes, referred to in history as the great Slavic route. These paths ran from north and west to south, and they crossed only in the Carpathians. Mukachevo for many centuries provided political, trade and cultural ties between different countries and peoples living on different sides of the Carpathians, and it is natural that both Asian and European countries constantly tried to subdue this city.

Features of the City of Mukachevo

The Carpathians have always been an ideal place for building monasteries due to their sparse population, and currently there are several monasteries in the Mukachevo region. Out of a dozen medieval castles in Transcarpathia, two are located in the Mukachevo region, but, in addition, grandiose buildings were built here, which were palaces - all of them were large in size, original and varied in architectural styles, and luxurious interiors. In the Mukachevo region there are resorts Sinyak, on the territory of which the sanatorium "Sinyak" and "Salt Mlaki" and the Carpathians are located, where the sanatoriums "Karpaty" and "Perlina Karpat" work.