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Australian Cuisine

Modern Australian cuisine

Modern Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world thanks to the unusual plants that grow here, as well as animals that live only on this mainland. Australian cuisine combines the gastronomic tastes of the aborigines, as well as the culinary delights of Europeans, which primarily include high-class wine. Asian traditions are not alien to Australian cuisine, such as spicy and sour tom yum soup, Chinese fried rice with diced chicken and salted fish.

Australia is famous for its exotic vegetables and fruits, all kinds of sweet seasonings based on them are the favorite of local chefs, meat dishes - most often from bulls, lambs, in more expensive restaurants - from emu, buffalo, camels, the most exotic - kenguryatin and crocodile meat. A special pride of the Australian menu is seafood. It is worth highlighting the local delicacies of beetles and witchetti larvae.

Typical Australian dishes: vegemite - a yeast extract mixed with celery, onion and salt, spread on bread or eaten as a ready-made dish, lamington - a sponge cake doused with chocolate fudge and sprinkled with coconut crumbs, Arnott biscuits, "Pavlova" - kiwi with meringue and fresh cream. Australian wine is not inferior in quality to the best European varieties, the beer produced in the country is very much appreciated in the world - Bogues, Tuise, Fosters, Forex.

Some cafes in the country have a BYO (Bring Your Own) model that allows you to bring your own drinks if lunch or dinner is ordered in this institution. This is usually indicated by a large BYO inscription on the doors or in the cafe window.