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Marjoram in Cooking

The use of marjoram in cooking

The use of spices in various world cuisines is due to its versatility and scope in recipes for various dishes, as well as its usefulness. Marjoram occupied a very significant niche in the cuisine of different peoples. Various cuisines, from American to Caucasian, Western to Eastern, have used marjoram in recipes. The way marjoram has been used in cooking is at various levels, from rural dishes to secular gourmet recipes.

Since the times of ancient Egypt, Hellas and Rome, marjoram has been used as a spice with many useful properties. In those days, its use was due to the tonic effect of marjoram. In the 19th century, marjoram fully established itself as a spice. Spice marjoram has established itself as an ideal addition to heavy dishes based on meat and fish recipes. In German cooking, marjoram was known as a sausage herb, as, indeed, in American cuisine, and the aforementioned Caucasian cuisine has become an almost indispensable spice.

At a later time, marjoram began to be used in various branches of the culinary industry. An interesting fact is that marjoram was used in beer recipes before hops. So, French cuisine is distinguished by the use of marjoram in winemaking. Along with the use in the composition of alcoholic beverages, marjoram was used in the production process and soft drinks. In this case, its spicy armat is used as a flavoring agent. In France, marjoram not only formed the basis for the production of wine and cheese, but also penetrated dishes with meat ingredients. So, the French hare pate with marjoram is a vivid example. Marjoram harmoniously entered most of the recipes of classical European cuisines - Czechs, Slovaks and Italians use marjoram in recipes for meat soups. In Hungarian cooking, marjoram was used in combination with cabbage and minced meat - for example, in recipes for cabbage rolls.

An invaluable contribution of culinary specialists can be called the use of marjoram as part of numerous seasonings. The famous spice of Caucasian cuisine Khmeli-Suneli uses marjoram as one of the ingredients. Another interesting type of seasoning, which includes marjoram, can be called Provence herbs. This seasoning is a mixture of various spices - dill, parsley, tarragon, including marjoram. The combination of Provence spices is considered indispensable in recipes for fish dishes, because they have an extreme odor and give the fish a wide range of flavors. Chefs have found an interesting use for marjoram in the process of preserving vegetables and fruits. This feature has developed in cooking due to the aromatic and taste qualities of marjoram.

Over the course of many centuries, in the process of developing culinary traditions, the use of marjoram served as the basis for many culinary features, which later gave individual features to various national cuisines of the world. With the development of culinary technology and science, marjoram is now used in recipes for various dishes and as part of many seasonings.