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Second Hand Clothes, England

Second Hand Clothes

Second Hand Clothes

Many stores offer a wide range of quality and inexpensive second-hand clothes from England. Stores stock second-hand clothing original and second-hand sorting. The origin of second-hand clothing is England, which indicates the high quality of clothing and a wide range of models. Second hand clothes from England are quality clothes from leading European brands with a low percentage of worn out items. There is an opinion that second-hand clothes are poor-quality worn clothes that have served their time and are of poor quality. This is fundamentally not true. Clothes made in countries like England are of very high quality, much higher than those of Chinese manufacturers. Second-hand clothes from England are safe for health, as they are made according to European standards, which exclude the use of harmful dyes and materials, and, in addition, second-hand clothes are processed in special factories. Degree of wear... how long do you think people wear clothes in countries like England? Until there are holes? Or do they still buy new ones regularly? The answer is obvious, and thanks to this, in such stores you can buy almost new second-hand clothes from England.

A Little Bit About Modern Second-Hand Clothes

Many, remembering the second-hand stores of the mid-90s - dark rooms with an unpleasant smell, untidy clothes piled up in heaps - are wary of second-hand clothes. And absolutely in vain. Indeed, at present, both second-hand stores and the clothes themselves have nothing to do with those times. Now the bulk of second-hand clothing comes from countries with a high standard of living, such as, for example, England. Thanks to this, the quality of second-hand clothing is quite high, since people in such countries regularly update their wardrobe without waiting for clothes to wear out. Therefore, practically new, little-used clothes are rented in second-hand, among which you can find expensive brands that exist in a few. Therefore, sometimes second-hand stores can offer exclusive models that are not available in regular stores and on the market.

What is Second Hand Clothing?

So what is modern second-hand clothing? The term second hand itself comes from the English expression second hand - “second hand”. For residents of most developed countries, such as England, changing clothes several times a year is a normal thing. But the hand does not rise to throw away practically new clothes. Therefore, for many years in such countries, used clothing has been collected and processed, which is then sold through second-hand store systems. After collection, all clothes undergo reusable sanitization, which makes them safe for the health of future buyers, and then sorted according to various criteria, and packed in bales from 10 to 100 kg. The exception is the category of second-hand "original" - such clothes are delivered to stores in the same packaging in which they were handed over, bypassing the sorting stage.

How Second Hand Clothes Are Classified

Second-hand clothes by origin and processing are of the following types:

  • Second Hand Sorted - these are clothes that have been sorted according to some attribute, for example, skirts, coats, jackets, shirts and other types of second-hand clothes.
  • Mix - this is second-hand clothes, grouped according to the principle - spring, summer, winter, autumn, there can also be a grouping by age - adult, children's clothes.
  • The original is unsorted clothes. Second-hand clothes in this category are delivered in the same packaging in which they were handed over and are not sorted. The assortment and quality in this case depend on the standard of living of the supplier country.
  • Stock - new, unworn clothes, not used for any reason. These are mostly unsold seasonal goods, confiscated goods and unsold collections. In general, stock clothes cannot be called second-hand clothes.

In addition, there are categories of second-hand clothing:

  • Lux, Extra - in terms of quality, such second-hand clothes are almost the same as stock. Items of the Lux and Extra categories have an excellent appearance and quality, without the slightest wear.
  • Category 1 - second-hand clothes that have minimal wear, without tears, scuffs and stretching. Such clothes are quite suitable for further use.
  • Category 2 - second-hand clothing, often not suitable for further use. Things are clean, but often without buttons, zippers, can be stretched, have a faded appearance.
  • Category 3 is not even clothing; it is rags that are used for technical purposes. Naturally, second-hand clothes in this category are not at all suitable for further use.